Curved/arched windows, chic yet complex

22 April 2021

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Although arched windows are a common article of joinery, they are nonetheless technically-challenging from both a design and a manufacturing point of view. L’Ébénisterie is able to demonstrate its mastery in both these areas on a regular basis.

Arched windows are characterized by the rounded shape of their upper section. This trait, which leaves an overall impression of elegance, is only part of the reason why they represent a complex manufacturing challenge. Firstly, it’s important to carefully choose the hardware that will be used – as only then can the actual woodworking process begin – then to assemble them correctly. Next, the biggest issue that can arise with sliding arched patio doors (top-hung or classic) involves air-tightness, because of the absence of a windowsill. Brush strip seals and drainage systems must also be properly installed.

L’Ébénisterie works upstream, from blueprints, with a range of experts such as energy specialists, who bring their expertise to bear in terms of thermal performance and airtightness; test and inspection solutions providers who advise how to ensure the design is feasible and will meet expectations; and hardware suppliers, who share their on-the-ground experience.


Equipped with a machining centre specially tailored to these requirements (CNC machine, vacuum press…), L’Ébénisterie is expert in this field, creating glued-laminated timber and sizing the templates and arched pieces. Endless variations are possible, whether we’re talking about a one-off design or a renovation project. If the latter, L’Ébénisterie can re-use tracks or other components that are already installed. In other words, it can work with all configurations.

On the La Tour des Pins project, an additional problem was successfully overcome – how to make curved sliding pocket patio doors composed of 6 sets of 2 or 3 oak casements (casement measuring 2.5m high and 1.2m wide), with curved double glazing and two different finishes (exterior cladding and natural-finish varnish for a slightly bleached effect on the inside). As L’Ébénisterie had complete control over this stage of the process, this didn’t give rise to any specific issues.

To sum up, arched windows require absolute precision: aesthetics, performance and functionality all have to come together, making it mission accomplished for L’Ébénisterie, a company for which the sky’s the limit…

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